Our office is back open to see patients!

However, if you have an upcoming appointment and you have a temperature of 100.4 or higher; or have any respiratory symptoms; or have been in contact anyone with Coronavirus … Please reschedule your appointment or change to a Telemedicine visit to prevent exposure to our other patients and staff.

For your upcoming appointment in our office: We ask that our patients come to our waiting room without visitors if possible. Also please wear a face mask or other protective face mask, if possible, to your appointment.

If you would prefer to make a TELEMED appointment: We can provide a TELEMED visit and you can spend 30 minutes face-to-face with Dr. Rohan, Jr. via the phone PocketPatient App. Click here to download. Patients access our Telemedicine portal simply by calling our main number at (850) 481-8752. Many insurers are waiving the co-pay and deductible for Telemedicine during the COVID19 outbreak.

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Panama City Main Office: 2636 Jenks Avenue, Panama City, FL 32405

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Dr Michael Rohan with patient

About Northwest Florida Spine

Northwest Florida Spine includes the expertise of Dr. Michael Rohan, Jr., who is fellowship-trained in spine surgery. The spine center emphasizes non-surgical treatment options, minimally invasive spine surgery and artificial disc surgery that preserves the natural motion of the spine.

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

While it requires additional training for the surgeon, the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery to the patient are significant. By reducing the length of the incision, there is less disruption to muscles and ligaments which makes for a faster and less painful recovery. Most of our patients are home the same day. 

Xray of neck

What's Causing Your Back Pain?

While you may be able to use watchful waiting for simple back or neck pain, other symptoms like numbness or weakness in a leg or arm need to be seen within 48 hours by a spine specialist to prevent these symptoms from becoming permanent. View our Symptom Chart to understand your symptoms.

Dr. Rohan

    Dr. Rohan specializes in the treatment of back and neck pain, including degenerative disease, spinal deformity (scoliosis) and spinal trauma. He completed a spine surgery fellowship at the world-renowned Texas Back Institute.


    Dr. Rohan is specialized in the the field of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS), in which special surgical instruments through tiny incisions to access the damaged disc in the spine. Entry and repair to the damaged disc or vertebrae is achieved without harming nearby muscles and tissues.


    Family practice physicians and chiropractors often refer patients who have exhausted non-surgical treatment options and need to learn their surgical options. This can include new techniques in spine surgery that reduce the length of the incision, or new artificial disc replacement surgery.

Do you NEED spine surgery?

Should you see a spine specialist?

Have you experienced any...

Loss of bowel/bladder control is an EMERGENCY symptom. You need to see a spine surgeon or go to an Emergency Room within 24 hours, or the symptom could become permanent.

Call our office IMMEDIATELY

Numbness, pain or tingling into a leg or arm, especially when it extends below a knee or elbow, could imply a disc problem, and should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days.

Call our office at 850-481-8752 or request an appointment

Difficulty moving an arm or leg could imply a disc problem, and should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days.

Call our office at 850-481-8752 or request an appointment

Any traumatic fall or car accident could have fractured bones in your spine, or herniated a disc. You should see a spine specialist promptly who may perform X-rays to assess you.

Call our office at 850-481-8752 or request an appointment

Neck pain with headache/nausea is an EMERGENCY symptom. See a doctor in 24 hours.

Call our office IMMEDIATELY

Did the pain come on after lifting, or after aggressive exercise or sports activity?

Lifting or sports activities can strain muscles, ligaments & tendons, causing painful spasms. Extreme pain can require a spine specialist. Home remedies include anti-inflammatories like Advil/Nuprin, rest, ice and some simple stretching exercises. However, if symptoms don’t improve over 3 days, you need to be assessed by a spine specialist.

Call our office at 850-481-8752 or request an appointment

Is the pain mostly in your low back, AND accompanied by a FEVER, or making you sick?

Pain in the low back, along with a fever, could be a kidney infection. You should see a spine specialist immediately.

Call our office IMMEDIATELY

Back or neck pain that doesn’t radiate pain or numbness into a leg or arm can be caused by a variety of problems, including a strain of the muscles or ligaments in the back or neck.

Home remedies include anti-inflammatories like aspirin, Advil or Nuprin, rest, ice and some simple back/neck exercises. Don’t do any exercise that causes an increase in pain.

If pain persists you may need to see a spine specialist. Call our office at 850-481-8752 to request an appointment.

Remember: Those who self diagnose themselves and self treat themselves do so at their own risk. Back and neck pain can arise from a variety of causes and may require a spine specialist to perform diagnostic tests to identify your problem and the best treatment. A spine specialized therapist can also create a home exercise program customized for you.

  • Exercise Library

    The best long-term solution to orthopaedic problems involves making the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints stronger, more flexible and resistant to injury. That way, you are more resistant to future attacks of pain. Exercise can help you re-strengthen the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints to make them more injury resistant.

    View Exercises

Exercise Library

    Visit our anatomy library of detailed medical illustrations to get a better understanding of your symptoms and to know the terms your physician might use to explain your condition. 

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    Northwest Florida Spine is the only spine center in Florida to be included in a national listing of spine centers of excellence by SpineCenterNetwork.com. To be included, a spine center must meet various credentialing criteria, including a non-surgical emphasis and philosophy of care; advanced capabilities in minimally invasive spine surgery and artificial disc replacement for motion preservation; and an investment in patient education. This includes providing symptom charts and a Home Remedy Book as a community service for back and neck pain sufferers in its Gulf Coast region. Northwest Florida Spine teams with affiliated physical medicine & rehabilitation specialists and affiliated spine therapists in the regions of Panama City, Pensacola, Destin and Fort Walton Beach in the Florida panhandle region. These PM&R and pain management specialists provide spinal injections to exhaust non-surgical treatment options for patients of the spine center.

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Understanding your Symptoms

Is pain in the leg or arm serious?
Is numbness in a foot or hand serious?
What do my symptoms mean?
What are my non-surgical options?
When do I need back or neck surgery?

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Get a Second Opinion, FIRST!

If you have been told you need back surgery get a second opinion here first! Why? Because you may not even need spine surgery. Or you may be able to have minimally invasive surgery and be home the same day! Could you benefit from a second opinion?

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Make an Appointment

Northwest Florida Spine understands that the best healthcare is achieved with an educated healthcare consumer. Northwest Florida Spine mails out Home Remedy Books on a limited basis to residents in Florida and surrounding areas. 

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