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Spine center provides non-surgical options,
minimally invasive surgery & artificial disc to Gulf Coast

Medicine is becoming increasingly specialized — all for the benefit of the patient. 

Recognizing that back and neck pain requires a specialized spine center approach, Dr. Michael Rohan, Jr. launched Northwest Florida Spine 10 years ago. Over the past 10 years, hundreds of patients have traveled to the spine center from as far away as Mobile, Alabama; Dothan, Georgia; and Tallahassee.  In May 2018, the spine center transitioned its name from Northwest Florida Spine to Northwest Florida Spine which reflects the regional reputation of the spine center.

The goal of Northwest Florida Spine is to improve the care of back and neck pain for back and neck pain sufferers in the gulf coast region, explains Dr. Rohan, Jr., a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon who is fellowship-trained in spine. “We emphasize non-surgical treatment options where possible, including therapy and spinal injections,” Dr. Rohan explains. “However sometimes symptoms can progress to radiating pain into an arm or leg. Other red flag symptoms include numbness or weakness in a leg or arm. If this type of neurological deficit is not treated promptly, these symptoms can become permanent.”

Dr. Rohan, Jr.  notes that the spine center uses the newest minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and instrumentation. “While this can involve more training to operate through a half-inch incision rather than an open 3-inch incision, the benefits are huge for the patient,” Dr. Rohan, Jr. explains. “A tiny incision means less disruption to muscles and ligaments and a quicker, less painful recovery. Consequently, most patients can have their spine surgery in the morning and be home later the same day to recover in the comfort of their own home. Also less blood loss eliminates the risk of having to use blood from a blood bank.”

“We recognized that for those in the gulf coast region, there is a need for a spine program that uses the newest minimally invasive instrumentation,” explains Dr. Rohan. “The savvy patient should look for this expertise. In the past, they had to drive 300 miles. Now it’s close to where they live.”

In minimally invasive spine surgery, the surgeon inserts special surgical instruments through tiny incisions to access the damaged disc in the spine. Entry and repair to the damaged disc or vertebrae is achieved without harming nearby muscles and tissues.

As a community service, the spine center distributes a free 36 page Home Remedy Book on back pain. Recognizing that the best quality healthcare comes from a well-informed health care consumer, the spine center developed an online encyclopedia about back and neck pain at that has symptom charts and stretches that can relieve symptoms.

“We believe that the best healthcare comes from an educated healthcare consumer,” adds Dr. Rohan, Jr. “Consequently, we developed an online spine encyclopedia at that has symptom charts, home remedies and stretches that relieve back and neck pain symptoms. We also provide a free 36-page Home Remedy Book that includes home remedies and stretches that can relieve pain along with symptom charts that show when to see a doctor.”

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Dr. Michael Rohan, Jr. is fellowship-trained in spine surgery, the highest level of medical education in the U.S. Over the past 10 years, Northwest Florida Spine has been referred back and neck pain patients from across the Gulf Coast region for the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgery and artificial disc replacement surgery. Responding to its regional reputation in spine care, in early 2018, the spine center transitioned its name from Panama City Spine to Northwest Florida Spine which reflects the regional draw of patients. 

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