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zLaser spine surgery: Can you benefit from it?

At this time, we are not a proponent of laser spine surgery as the current application of a laser with spine surgery is merely as a cutting device.

This may change in the future as new technology is developed. But at this point, in our opinion, the use of a laser is intended more as a marketing approach to attract patients to a surgery that is not really different from a traditional spine surgery.

New “minimally invasive spine surgery” approaches used by spine surgeons can now shorten the incision, lessen time in the hospital, and speed the return to activity with a less painful recovery.

The real area of concern about laser spine surgery, in our opinion, is that any ad that encourages a person to jump to laser spine surgery, or any type of surgery, when they really don’t need surgery in the first place.

Northwest Florida Spine helps patients to exhaust non-surgical treatment options for back and neck pain in advance of spine surgery. This can include pain-relieving spinal injections that can sometimes resolve the symptoms from a herniated disc without the need for surgery.
“Many patients benefit from spine therapy that makes the back and neck stronger, more flexible and more resistant to future strain,” explains Dr. Rohan.

“Too many times, we are referred “failed back surgery syndrome” patients who either had unnecessary surgery previously, or they underwent a complex fusion with an open incision that created further problems. This is why we recommend patients get a second opinion from a fellowship-trained spine surgeon who is proficient in the latest minimally invasive techniques and instrumentation.”

“For example, of those who come to us for a second opinion where the first surgeon advised them to have spine surgery, many times we can recommend a non-surgical treatment option,” Dr. Rohan adds. “For those who do need back surgery to address serious problems with herniated discs or facet joint problems, we are often able to recommend a minimally invasive spine surgery option that is less complicated, less risky to the patient, and enable the patient to be home later the same day.”
“Lastly, we caution that you as the patient determine the quality of healthcare you receive by your choice of physician. Consequently, we believe this educational Internet site will help you to become well-informed about your symptoms, when you can use watchful waiting, and when emergency symptoms need to be seen by a spine physician immediately.”

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Dr. Michael Rohan, Jr. is fellowship-trained in spine surgery, the highest level of medical education in the U.S. Over the past 10 years, Northwest Florida Spine has been referred back and neck pain patients from across the Gulf Coast region for the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgery and artificial disc replacement surgery. Responding to its regional reputation in spine care, in early 2018, the spine center transitioned its name from Panama City Spine to Northwest Florida Spine which reflects the regional draw of patients. 

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